There is actually one of these rights by my house and I have been asking myself, why the heck is it purple? I actually thought it was a prank by some kids…but now I know the truth. It is a question a lot of people are asking across the Carolinas. Street lights all over the place are randomly turning purple. It is not that purple lights are being installed it’s because existing street lights have just turned purple.

Duke Energy reportedly has received inquiries from thousands of people who have been asking that very question. They say the purple lights are caused by a manufacturer defect in some LED lights that were installed around the Carolinas. The issue has been causing the lights to transition from white to purple over time.

So the color does not signify any cause or movement, it is simply a manufacturer’s defect. For more information on the total benign reason street lights are turning purple, check out the story¬†from Channel 9 right here. Also, to report a purple light to Duke Energy, just simply click¬†here.

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