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From a woman’s point of view men seem to have all the luck in life. Men don’t have to spend an hour in the mirror doing makeup, hair and choosing something to wear. They throw on a pair of slacks and put on a shirt, rub hair products in and they’re out the door! But, there’s a couple of things men aren’t sharing with us! They feel sluggish too, and their romantic lifestyle has lost it’s luster and on top of that, it’s extremely hard for them to lose belly fat, just like women! There’s a solution for those symptoms, and even feeling sluggish by taking a quick quiz.

Men also lose that youthful vigor, but it’s kept undercover, whereas women will say it loud and proud that they’re tired. Women admit to low sex drives, they share stories about when their hair was thick and now it’s thinning! Being irritable and frustrated is the name of the game in your late 40’s and 50’s.  But, there’s 60 and 70 year old folks running circles around us. So, what’s their secret? Many are seeing doctors that are well versed in the science of hormones. I’m referring to well versed and experienced medical professionals who specialize in bio identical hormone replacement. For instance, if you make an appointment with your general physician, they’ll tell you it’s normal to feel sluggish and be overweight at our age. They’ll tell us that our bloodwork is normal, but it’s NOT!

Ask your hubby or boyfriend to take a few minutes to take the test and then reach out to Male Excel for a REAL evaluation. It’s your life and they say we only get one, so live out your dreams while you’re awake. When I reached the age of 52, I tried the women’s version of bio identical hormone replacement and my life got 200% better. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. I’ll keep posting about my experience with bio identical hormone replacement.

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