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When buyers walk into a bedroom, the first thing they spot is the bed. Although you may take your bed with you once you move out of your property, buyers were seen to feel or sit on the bed when observing the room during the experiment. This is probably to help visualise themselves sleeping in the room. Before a viewing, ensure your bed is well made. You might also want to consider purchasing new quilts and cushions to ensure they have a good warmth and weight ratio.

While snuggling with your boo in bed is great… them stealing the sheets or rolling around and waking you up is not. If your partner is stopping you from getting your recommended eight hours of sleep a night, it might be time to consider sleeping in different beds like a couple in a black and white TV show. Here’s what you should know about a “sleep divorce.”

May Be What You Need In Quarantine. If you and your partner are both working from home, a separate bed situation may be just what you need to get a little me-time. Behavioral and social scientist Wendy Troxel says “given the extra ‘togetherness’ we have been sharing with our family during extended stay-at-home orders, sleeping apart […] may also benefit some couples who are just feeling starved for some alone time.”

Rest Benefits. Research shows that when you’re well-rested, you’re a better communicator, happier, and more empathic. And isn’t that what we’re always told are the building blocks of a good relationship?

Sex Life Doesn’t Die. Raquel Fuqua just decided to “sleep divorce” her boyfriend last year and says “sleeping in separate beds has increased and improved our sex lives.” It’s because absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Eventually, you start missing the other person sleeping next to you and you also crave more physical attention. And you know what they say: Two beds to hookup in are better than one.