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I’m kind of saying, “no go away” in my head right now…but then again I moved here so shame on me. According to a recent study from HireAHelper, North Carolina was the #7 most moved-into-state in the last year with a net gain of (+11%). These stats were done from a migration report which analyzed 75,000 real moves across the country.

This study specifically calculated this utilizing a ratio called net growth, which takes the number of new residents moving to a state and divides it by the number of individuals moving out and expresses it as a percentage. This is how North Carolina compares to the rest of the top states people moved to:

Top States People Moved To (Net Growth)

  • Idaho (+103%)
  • Vermont (+62%)
  • Maine (+48%)
  • Delaware (+27%)
  • South Carolina (+25%)
  • New Hampshire (+13%)
  • North Carolina (+11%)
  • New Mexico (+11%)
  • Tennessee (+10%)
  • Iowa (+10%)

And while we can’t say for certain how many of these moves into North Carolina were COVID-related, HireAHelper did collect survey responses of all folks who moved across the country, and 25% of moves in the last year were related to Covid.

GALLERY: The Pandemic and North Carolina

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