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A TikTok mom has sparked a debate after sharing her method for teaching her daughter about the value of money. Felicia posted a video explaining what she calls her “parenting hack” and it’s gone viral with more than 6.6-million views. “Every week my daughter has a list of chores,” she says in the clip. “If those chores are completed on a daily basis, she will get $7 at the end of the week.”

The mom goes on to explain that her kid doesn’t get to spend that money any way she chooses. She has to fork over $1 each for food, water, electricity, Internet, and rent and she gets to spend the other $2 or save it. The thing is, this kid is only seven. But her mom says she’s also putting the weekly $5 into a savings account she’ll be able to access when she turns 18.

Felicia says she only makes her child do “age-appropriate” chores like vacuuming, making her bed, and taking out the trash and she changes up the list of tasks every week. However, not everyone thinks her plan is a good one, like one commenter who writes that the little girl is “too young to be paying for a life she didn’t ask for.” Another user agrees, adding, “You’re supposed to provide for your children.” There are also plenty of TikTokers who support the mom’s system, with some saying they wish their parents had done something like this because they were never taught about finances and bills.