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Nobody wants to hear no when they ask someone to marry them, but that’s just what happened to this guy, and now he and his girlfriend are at odds over the next step in their relationship.

A guy shares on Reddit that he recently proposed to his girlfriend at home and went out of his way to make it feel “special” but he didn’t get the answer he was hoping for. He writes, “long story short, her answer was that she loves me and wants to marry me someday, but isn’t ready to take the step to be engaged.” The OP noted that they could wait a while before getting married but she insisted she just wasn’t ready to be engaged.

The OP says he respects his girlfriend’s decision, but when she brought up the topic of him proposing again someday he insisted it was her turn to be asking, saying that since he already asked “she knows I’m ready, my cards are on the table.” Also, since he already worked hard at making the first proposal “sentimental” he doesn’t feel he should have to recreate that moment again. “She disagrees, and seems to feel like I’m punishing her,” he writes.” “This is putting a lot of strain on us, and I’m not sure how to bridge this impasse.”

  • He then opened the floor up for suggestions from Reddit, and most people agree that he is right, she should be the one to propose next.
    • “You proposed because you are ready,” one person shares. “Since she isn’t ready, she rejected. Fine and all right. Now she already knows you are ready, so let her propose when she is ready.”
    • ‘She is being weird. This isn’t punishment for anything at all,” another adds. “This is just letting her know she can do it whenever she feels ready. Let her be the one to propose.”
  • But some people think he should propose to please his girlfriend, or they should just end things altogether.
    • “My advice would be be the bigger person here and propose one more time,” one commenter offers, “sometimes we have to do stuff for the happiness of our loved one.”
    • “If she didn’t say yes the first time… should you even get married?,” another noted. “Maybe I’m a bit tough with this sort of thing, but obviously you’re not on the same page and how long will it be til you are?”

Source: Daily Mail