Sarah Silverman apologized for a particularly brutal slam of Paris Hilton, 15 years after the fact. Apparently, Hilton discussed the incident on her podcast. Silverman got wind of this, and apologized.

The slam took place at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, which Silverman hosted. You can watch Siverman discuss it on this IGTV video, which was titled, “Paris: It’s a terrible feeling to know you’ve hurt someone.”

Silverman quotes Paris Hilton saying, “This would never happen today,” and Silverman agreed. “She’s right. I would never do those jokes today.”

Silverman explains that she’s been working on changing her comedy style for the past few years by marrying “hard-hitting jokes” with “actual heart.” She attests to the fact that she grew up in a different Hollywood, where people like her were hired to just roast pop culture icons and celebrities by any means. And, she notes, in 2007, “nobody was bigger than Paris Hilton.”

That night, “that very moment,” Paris was about to go to jail for “blowing off her parole for some kind of vehicular offense,” Silverman recalls. She says she did not know Hilton was going to be in attendance that night, and she did not know she was directly going to jail after the event.

The joke, as described by Silverman was “hardcore,” to say the very least. Watch the moment from the 2007 MTV Movie Awards below:

In her video, Silverman says there was a moment after she was reveling in her well-received joke by the hooting audience where she looked at Paris’ facial expression and realized “there was a person under there.” Silverman said she felt the regret of the joke immediately then, and “with far more understanding” 14 years later.

When it comes to apologizing and moving towards a new “awakened world,” Silverman seems to be on board completely. She makes us aware that she does not apologize if she does not mean it, and in fact, “I happen to be sorry a lot.”

The video concluded, “[Paris] I hope that you feel my remorse.” Silverman says, “It feels terrible to know that you have hurt someone and it’s important to make that right.”

Yahoo! Entertainment reported Paris “said she was glad Silverman’s comedy had grown, and that the comedian realized the effect of her words. Hilton ‘got a little teary-eyed’ when Silverman talked about seeing the look on the reality star’s face.”