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When walking around the kitchen, one of the first things buyers did was check the cupboards to see if they were well built and in good condition. It’s therefore worth seeing if the quality and durability of all your cupboards is up to scratch before viewings. Do they open and close well? Can they hold the correct amount of produce? Buyers were also seen looking inside cupboards during the experiment, so make sure they’re kept tidy.

Next time you feel a draft in your home, double-check behind the bathroom mirror. That’s where a New York City renter discovered a hidden opening to a whole other apartment.

Luckily for us, she’s documented the creepy experience in a series of TikToks. In the videos, Samantha Hartsoe explains that she’s been freezing in her place even with the heat on, all thanks to a mysterious breeze coming from the walls of her bathroom. She opened the bathroom mirror to find a hole in the wall… which led to a hidden room… which turned out to be a whole other, empty apartment.

That’d be rough to spook anyone out of the place, but Hartsoe isn’t going anywhere. She’s cementing up the hole and giving her landlord a “really fun phone call.” Check out the first TikTok and the finale of the creepy adventure below.