During a recent interview with Rachel Lindsay and Van Lathan, Rachel calls DJ Akademik out for previously saying that  Megan Thee Stallion is overrated and doesn’t have the same talent as Nicki Minaj.

Back in January, he said, “Let’s be very clear. Meg the Stallion can’t rap with the Top 20 n—-s. Facts! Imma tell y’all the truth. So, of course, she’s like, oh, everybody loves her and s— like that but come on man, there’s a lot that goes into s— like that. She got a Fashion Nova deal, she’s a victim, she’s in GQ, she’s talking about Tory shot her, you know what I mean? It’s women empowerment. This is like, protect Black women. This is, ‘I got Beyoncé.’ It’s a lot of s— going on.”

He then went on to say, “Meg isn’t 100th of the talent that Nicki Minaj is. That’s just facts… Meg has one flow and lazy bars.”

Now, in his recent sit-down, he continues to bash Megan.

During his long rant, he says, “I think Meg Thee Stallion is really overrated as actually an artist. I’ve always thought that. And I do think the level that she is discussed on when we’re comparing and talking about only rap, is a byproduct of a lot of industry ties that she has that has kind of lifted her up to be a super-celebrity, which is cool in that realm, but when we just talk about music, it’s not there.”

“Again, I’m not saying things without merit. We can’t really talk about no Meg Thee Stallion project that could come close to Pink Friday. We can’t even talk about any top any Meg Thee Stallion verses that would come close to the top ten Nicki verses. So, again, when I see how, in the last year, she has elevated—and keep in mind in 2019, or actually maybe early 2020, I could be wrong on both dates so don’t kill me, she sold like, 27,000. This is the time when they were saying like, ‘Listen.’ It was Hot Girls versus City Girls, they were saying she’s such a huge star and whatever.”

He ended his speech by saying, “But when are we gonna talk about some facts?”

Watch the full interview here.

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