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The printed mesh top makes a fashion statement in fall of 2020 – any print goes!

While many of us are still happily lounging around in our sweatpants and leggings, Ralph Lauren is trying to entice us to get dressed again. The fashion company is launching a new clothing rental service, “The Lauren Look.” For $125 a month, fashionistas get to rent an “ever-evolving” range of women’s apparel from the Lauren Ralph Lauren brand.

It works like Rent the Runway and shoppers get to choose what they want shipped, then they can rent, try or buy it. The service includes four items at a time and comes with free shipping and allows for unlimited monthly box exchanges, so you can get as many new looks as you want in a month. And according to the company, they’re “the first luxury brand to pioneer a fully articulated rental model.”

And the sustainable service will also be giving back. After the clothing has been in circulation and has reached its rental cap, it will be donated to the nonprofit Delivering Good and go to those in need.