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Online discount shopping sites, but everyone is really looking to cut down on spending these days. If you’re like me, you LOVE shopping for deals online. COVID has kept us out of the malls, thrift stores and from going to yard sales. Over the past few months, I have gained knowledge of a couple of sites that I have become familiar with and yes, I have ordered from one and I place regular bids on the other.

BLINQ is a site that sell retailers returned and overstock products because they lack the processing capabilities to re-sell them. Most of these items are fully functional, but unsustainable practices make it easier for many retailers to simply throw them away. BLINQ purchases these items and offer them to the public to purchase. I am constantly on this site, to date I have purchased a PlayStation 5 an iPad for the family and Harman Kardon portable speaker for myself and each item was packed like new and look new and works great! All BLINQ orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and they offer free returns. BLINQ has been featured on Good Morning America which is where I first heard of them. Visit BLINQ for more information.

Vista Auction is a family-owned Online Auction in Charlotte NC. They auction off mostly overstock and box damaged items and sometimes return items from Amazon and other big-name retailers. The items they auction range from furniture (bed frames, tv stands, nightstands, mattresses) to sporting equipment to electronics and much more. All items start at $1.00 and have no minimum bid (no reserve) – this way you can get amazing deals on premium merchandise! Their items are mostly new box damaged items and overstock items from large retailers, most of the items are Brand New. I have won bids to include a printer, air fryer, soundbar, items for my dogs and so much more. Honestly, I have returned a couple of items for which a credit was issued to my account. Vista Auction does not give cash refunds. Visit Vista Auction for more information.

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