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I was born and raised in Greenville, SC and got into radio in 2004.  I was fortunate to spend 10 years in my hometown doing what I love while also being in the same town as my family.  For the last eight years, career opportunities have taken myself and my wife to other cities in the southeast which is expected in this business.  Whenever we’ve looked at the new city we’re moving to, we always look at the driving distance to our parents’ houses.  We’ve been EXTREMELY fortunate to live just far enough away to get to someone’s house in a day.  Which also means we live just far enough away to where no family member can randomly show up at the front door and judge our dead mums.

See?  Dead.

According to PRNewswire, two-thirds of Americans want to live closer to family, but they don’t want to live too close.  Most men agreed that they need a bit of distance between their parents or in-laws and parents of young kids agreed that the closer the family the better.  It makes it easier for them to get a baby sitter.  You would also think that after this last year, a lot of people would be tired of family.  Turns out, it brought us closer together.   You can view the full survey here!