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This time of year, I’m usually trying to find the best deals on anything for St. Patrick’s Day, yard work items and sunglasses.  So far I’ve found two of the three and am ready for the spring and summer.  My wife told me I had too much St. Patrick’s Day “stuff.”  Anyway, I like a deal or bargain like anybody else.  We were once shopping in a thrift store and found a box that held two full sets of Pfaltzgraff silverware for $15.00!  The box was a little dented but nonetheless, each piece was accounted for and we still use it today.  We didn’t even have to register for silverware as wedding gift.

March is definitely a great time to find items on sale and at deep discounts.  It’s the last month for stores to sell the older products so they can make room for the newest products.  I know I don’t have any money to waste right now and whatever I save this year is going towards a couple of vacations.  Below is a list of the six most popular deals in March according to Reader’s Digest.  Good luck on finding your steal of a deal!

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  1. TVs – Other than November, now is the best time to buy with new models coming out.
  2. Jewelry – There are plenty of Valentine’s Day “leftover.”
  3. Winter Sports Gear – Spring is literally around the corner so these discounts are usually pretty big.
  4. Frozen Food – Because apparently March is National Frozen Month.  Who knew?
  5. Mattresses – Older models have to go so the new ones can be sold.
  6.  Grills – The prices actually increase in the summer.

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