SeriouslySmoked is proud to announce a new, dream job opening and it’s a yummy one.

If you love yourself some BBQ (and come on we live in North Carolina) this company is looking for barbeque enthusiasts to apply for the role of “Head of Grillovation.” The lucky candidate will be required to test out the latest barbecue equipment, all from the comfort of their own home.

The job role involves testing out a range of the latest barbecue equipment, including grills, smokers, and a variety of utensils – all in the comfort of your own home. Of course, there will be plenty of barbecue treats to try too, with plenty of new cooking methods and ingredients to test out. The role will last one month and you’ll have the brand new title of “Head of Grillovation” to add to your CV which is pretty cool!

Enthusiasm about barbecue is essential, but is also looking for someone who has a critical eye when it comes to the quality of all things barbecue. They provide expert reviews on everything, from meats to grills and even smokers. So the ideal candidate would need to be able to know when something isn’t up to scratch and let their fellow grill enthusiasts know.

SeriouslySmoked’s head of recruitment said: “We’re so excited to announce our new job opening as Head of Grillovation. “It’s an incredibly important role, and we’re excited to welcome whoever the lucky candidate is. We’re sure they will have a fantastic time ensuring that America’s barbecue is up to scratch for all the grill lovers out there.”

If this sounds like a job for you, head to the SeriouslySmoked website to apply here!

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