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LauRen's Podcast
This podcast was born over a coffee date. Two unlikely friends of different ages (35 and 53) figure out that being pregnant and going through menopause have similar symptoms. LauRen and Barb are sharing their personal stories and struggles while laughing their way through these life changes. Barb is baring it all and giving us a peek into dating in your 50’s.
This week home organizer, Anne Steppe from Step by Steppe Solutions, join Barb and LauRen. Anne brings to light the dos and don’ts of organizing. She says having a clutter buddy is key, and knowing where you are going to donate your forgotten items before starting your task is a must. If you are going to take on this chore on your own, start small so you know what you are getting yourself into. If you are over your head… call in the professionals.
Barb also gives us a health update and tells us about the “over-sharing” doctor who took care of her during her spat with COVID.