Grimes made a lot of money in a short amount of time by selling pieces from her digital art collection titled “WarNymph.” The singer sold $5.8 million worth of her art in under 20 minutes. She announced on the sale on Sunday via Twitter, saying that she’d be selling her art for 48 hours, but she sold out of everything in well under that amount of time.

WarNymph is described as exploring “the fluidity of identity in the virtual age: the ability to create, augment, and splinter ourselves into unlimited avatars, create boundless worlds, and build rich, complex lore.”

Grimes described the baby in the artwork as “the Goddess of Neo-Genesis,” though people online have speculated that the baby depicted in the collection is actually a representation of her and Elon Musk’s baby, X Æ A-Xii.

Grimes, born Claire Elise Boucher,  is selling the collection on the NFT trading platform Nifty Gateway. She collaborated with her brother, Mac Boucher, who has worked with her on past projects like the music video for “Kill V. Maim”.

One piece, “Newborn 2” was traded for over $300,000 in under 10 minutes. The image depicting a baby guarding Mars has already been relisted at $2.5 million.

The singer plans to give a portion of the proceeds to Carbon 180, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing carbon emissions. Musk shares her beliefs about carbon emissions, announcing in February he would fund a carbon-capture competition – pledging about $100 million.