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You're going to be hard-pressed not to impress your Valentine by whipping up their favorite meal.

We all love hanging out with our friends, but planning a party can be stressful.  Why not host a fun filled game night instead?  Playing games is a great way to let loose and enjoy a fun evening in.  Don’t stress over making a full dinner experience, simply make some simple finger foods.  To keep costs down for the host, ask everyone to bring their favorite drink and a snack.  Visit your local dollar tree and get several large, plastic bowls for chips, candy and don’t forget the dip.  There are lots of great game ideas that don’t involve a deck of cards or a board game.  The perfect game involves everyone and creates laughter and community.  A great game to try is called the Bowl Game.  I’ve included directions from the web below.


  • Everyone takes two strips of paper and writes an unknown/unique, but TRUE, fact about themselves on each strip of paper (2 facts total). Don’t put your name on the strip, and don’t tell anyone what you wrote!
  • When all strips are filled out, fold them up and put them in the bowl
  • Pick someone to start the game. They take a strip of paper out of the bowl and read it aloud for everyone. Whoever it belongs to, stays quiet until the end of the round! Put on your poker face and don’t admit that it’s yours!
  • The person to the right of the reader guesses who they think the strip of paper belongs to, simply by calling out their name or pointing. Then the person next to them does the same, continuing around the circle until everyone guesses. The reader guesses last (since they have an advantage and can see the handwriting on the paper.)
  • After everyone has guessed, the owner of the strip of paper stands up and admits it was them. And of course, you’ll need to explain yourself.
  • Figure the scoring for that round: Anyone who guessed correctly gets 1 point. Or, if the correct person wasn’t guessed at all, that person gets 5 points! This is why you want to write something crazy that will throw the group off! You don’t want people to guess it’s you!
  • Pass the bowl to the right, and the next person pulls out a new strip of paper and continues the same way.
  • Once all rounds have been completed, tally up the scores. Whoever has the most points wins!

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