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That selfie filter that gives you dog ears may make you look cute AF but it may also be ruining your mental health. It’s probably not a big shock to hear psychology experts are not fans of social media in general, but you may be surprised to hear many are rallying specifically against posting pics with filters. Here is what you need to know before you add to your story.

Selfies are serious business… literally. More than half of all plastic surgeons say they’ve had a patient come to get work done to look better on their front-facing camera. It’s become such an issue that they even have a name for it: “Snapchat dysmorphia.” And according to psychologist Dr. Travis Heath a lot of it has sprouted from the rise in filters.

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, it’s only human nature to compare yourself to the pics you’re seeing on your feed. Dr. Heath says the problem with that is people have started using so many filters that the standards we’re comparing ourselves too are literally unreal. Do it enough and “it could bring about anxiety and depression [and] make it worse for somebody who is already struggling with it.”

So the next time you go to airbrush out a pimple or blemish by swiping through filters, ask yourself if it’s more important to look hot or to go unfiltered, save your followers’ mental health, and embrace some body positivity.