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Two children playing croquet with their parents, circa 1975. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that some moms are overly protective of their kids, and don’t really let them do anything for themselves. Well, that’s certainly the case with this mom, and it’s causing some major issues with her family.

A dad recently shared on Reddit that his 16-year-old son James decided he wanted to get a job to earn some extra money. He hasn’t had much luck finding one recently, and apparently James’ mother tried to help. The dad says James “got annoyed with my wife after he found out she submitted a few applications for him,” and rightfully so. But sadly things didn’t stop there.

The dad says James submitted an application to a clothing store he likes to shop in, and they said they would call him after reviewing the application. The dad writes, “he was really hoping to get this one but after a week, he figured they were not gonna call.”

That’s when things got ugly. The dad said he got home one day and noticed, “some tension” between James and his wife. He found out his wife had actually called the store and “berated the hiring manager for giving my son ‘false hope.’” James is now angry at mom for interfering, and doesn’t think he can go back to the store out of embarrassment. The husband agrees with James about his wife’s actions, and called her a “helicopter mom,” which she didn’t like at all. He says James wants mom to apologize, but she doesn’t think she did anything wrong, and she’s mad at her husband for calling her that, and now the dad wonders if he went to far.

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