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Kids these days just can’t get enough of YouTube videos, but it isn’t always easy for parents to monitor exactly what their kids are watching. Well, YouTube is about to change that.

In the coming months, the social media site is set to launch a new monitoring tool for parents with children who have outgrown YouTube Kids. The new tool will let parents have control over what their kids watch through a supervised Google account.

Parents will be given three options when it comes to monitoring their kids. The “Explore” setting gives them the most control, and is recommended for kids over nine. It allows them to watch things like vlogs, tutorials, gaming videos, music clips, and educational content. Then there’s the “Explore More” restriction, which provides access to content suitable for teens over 13. Finally there’s the “Most of YouTube” category, which provides viewers with most of the site’s content, with the exception of anything with an age restriction.

As for how acceptable content is chosen, YouTube says it will listen to user input, as well as human reviews and machine learning to help in the makeup of a child’s feed.