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Gen Z is truly breaking the mold. According to a new study, they’re far more likely than older generations to identify as something other than heterosexual. In fact, it’s reported that currently one in six adults in Generation Z has declared that they’re LGBT.

Currently, Generation Z leans heavily on the B side of LGBT. The survey found 72% of the Z’ers that have identified as something other than straight identify as bisexual. This means that nearly 12% of all Gen Z adults identify as bisexual. For comparison’s sake, about half of millennials who identify as LGBT say they’re bisexual.

The most interesting part of these numbers may be that they could very easily be much higher. The survey was only able to gather info from the oldest segment of Generation Z, aged 18 to 23, so pollsters are expecting the percentages to continue to rise as time goes on and people feel more comfortable to live their truth.

According to the survey, more than half of LGBT adults (54.6%) identify as bisexual. About a quarter (24.5%) say they are gay, with 11.7% identifying as lesbian and 11.3% as transgender. An additional 3.3% offered another non-heterosexual preference or term to describe their sexual orientation, such as “queer.”

Source: SF Gate