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I wrote yesterday that Taco Bell is getting into the chicken sandwich game.

Taco Bell recently announced they are testing out a new Crispy Chicken Taco Sandwich, which basically turns the bun into a taco shell. Well, while some folks may be excited by the idea, Popeye’s, which initiated the chicken sandwich craze, is now trolling Taco Bell over it.

Earlier this week Popeye’s posted a video to their social media accounts that totally makes fun of Taco Bell’s entry. The video features a “DIY food hack,” which turns the Popeye’s chicken sandwich into their own “tacos.” It basically instructs customers to buy a Popeye’s sandwich, fold the buns to make them look like taco shells, cut the chicken breast in half, and turn it into two chicken tacos.

“Celebrate #TacoTwosday with the new DIY Popeyes Chicken Tacos,” the chain wrote on social media. “The same Chicken Sandwich you love, but now in two tacos. Both folded by you.”

As you can imagine, folks on social media couldn’t get enough of Popeye’s burn. “I’m here all day for @PopeyesChicken versus @tacobell,” one person wrote, while another added, “First_they_went_after_”Chic-fil-A”,_now_it’s_”Taco_Bell”!

  • Meanwhile, Taco Bell did respond to the Popye’s diss, replying to the chain, “Tacos are always a good idea.”

Source: Fox News