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Tiger Woods (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

No matter what happens to Tiger Woods, he always bounces back! By now you’ve heard about the golf great and living legend, Tiger Woods seriously injured in an auto accident yesterday afternoon in California. After his vehicle rolling over, it was severe enough that Woods had to be extricated from his Sports Utility Vehicle.  There has been no report of alcohol, or any substances that may have impaired his ability to drive.

Woods has been in the public eye for nearly forty years, and has endured his share of ups and downs. However, like the Champion he is, Tiger always seems to bounce back.   His imprint on the PGA Tour has revolutionized  the sport not only amongst African Americans, but worldwide around the globe.   After winning the Masters in 1997 Tiger appeared well on his way to shattering Jack Nicholson’s record of winning 18 majors. However, injuries and  personal setbacks slowed his momentum.  In an era where celebrity athletes routinely avoid the media, when the press isn’t favorable. Woods has always faced the music when his private personal struggles were made public. I’m sure this latest setback is merely just another opportunity for Tiger Woods to put on full display his bravery, courage and resilience in the face of yet another unfortunate event.

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