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Remember when you were younger and you would get excited when snow was in the forecast? You would lay in bed all night thinking of all the fun and thrilling things you would spend the next day doing. You would start with a giant snow fort and then build a snowman. You would challenge the neighborhood kids to a snow ball fight, and finish off the perfect day with a steamy cup of hot chocolate in front of the television.

Oh how life has changed. Now, one mention of ice or snow and everyone panics and makes a grocery run to buy out all the milk and bread that can be found. You check the forecast hourly just to see if anything has changed and talk “weather” with anyone that will listen. It’s not an exciting event, it’s something that is dreaded and feared. What happened to the joy found in looking forward to the snow? You really will survive if you get snowed in with no milk in the refrigerator. The snow that falls tomorrow will simply be the next day’s mud puddle. It will melt, you will get through it. What if you could actually enjoy it again? You don’t have to bundle up and go outside and play, but you could enjoy board games and hot chocolate and Netflix. It’s called being a kid again.

Next time it’s calling for bad weather, remember this post and try to keep your cool. The sun will shine again soon, summer will be here before you know it and then we can all complain about how hot it is outside.

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