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Have you been saying things like, “come on Spring” lately? Cold weather got us stuck inside and we need to get out in these streets, lol!  Why not take advantage of being housebound and usher in spring with a little spring cleaning. Besides, when spring really does roll around you will be finished and ready to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you start with decluttering. This will get you started and make rooms more organized. Studies have shown that disorganization in the home adds to your stress level. So remove and donate what you can. Organize your closets, dust and straighten your office and don’t forget that dreaded junk drawer. You may be surprised how fresh you feel after you eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.

People typically clean their floors, but they almost always forget about walls and windows. Use a damp towel to wipe down walls and blinds (starting from the top). Also, don’t forget baseboards. You will be surprised how much grime collects there. If you are feeling really adventurous then use your vacuum attachment and get the cob webs from the ceiling.

The most dreaded rooms are next. The kitchen and the bathroom. An easy rule of thumb is to start by wiping down your cabinets. Then go through your pantry and refrigerator. Wipe down the shelves, and throw away any old items.

In the bathroom be sure to change your shower curtain liner. Then go through your cosmetics drawer or medicine cabinet and throw away any expired items.

One of the most important and overlooked parts of spring cleaning is changing your furnace or HVAC filter. It is a simple and inexpensive way to make sure you are breathing clean, healthy air.

Now, sit back and enjoy your fresh home. You worked hard and deserve a break.

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