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When all else fails, hit up your nearest gift card rack. Like subscription boxes, there's pretty much something for everyone on the gift card rack.

One restaurant owner is spending two-thousand dollars on gift cards to promote his competition.

Adolfo Melendez owns a Mexican restaurant in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and he recently spent more than two grand to purchase gift cards to other restaurants in his community. Now he’s going to raffle them off to his customers.

Melendez says about 35-percent of restaurants in his area continues to struggle. He got the idea after a local realtor helped his restaurant by buying 300-dollars in gift cards. The small business owner added that it’s vital to keep mom-and-pop shops open during the pandemic because of what they mean to the community.

The generous owner isn’t done! He’ll be buying more gift cards to do this all over again, at some point.

Source: WKOW