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A Virginia woman made a mistake when buying her lottery tickets online, but it worked out in her favor. Betty Wong tells Virginia Lottery officials she regularly plays Mega Millions and Powerball and usually buys a single ticket for multiple drawings at one time.

But she accidentally bought 50 quick-pick tickets for a single Powerball drawing instead. And lucky for her, one of the tickets matched the first five numbers drawn, missing only the Powerball number. Wong spent an extra dollar to get the Power Play option, which boosted her prize higher. So instead of winning $1-million, she won $2-million!

She says she was so shocked when she saw that she’d won, she didn’t believe her eyes. “I thought I misread the numbers, so I woke up my husband,” Wong recalls. She says they were too excited to sleep, so they stayed up the rest of the night. The couple plans to use the money to take care of their family.