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MITTENWALD, GERMANY - JANUARY 10: Icicles hang from a hut roof following heavy snowfalls on January 10, 2019 near Mittenwald, Germany. Exceptionally high levels of snow have closed roads and ski resorts, triggered avalanches and cut villages off across southern Germany and much of Austria. (Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images)

This is REALLY bad.

As you have probably seen, and heard on the news, Texas is in the midst of a crazy winter storm. Many people, including friends of mine have had no power for days, and now no water too.

Many of the pipes in Texas have frozen and burst, leaving residents to fend for themselves.

One women in Dallas, Texas learned this the hard way. Kiana Vance posted a video to Tik Tok showing what appears to be a parking deck where she lives. While the deck looks mostly empty, she then pans to her car, and we see that right above her parking space, a water pipe burst, effectively covering her entire car IN ICE!

It’s pretty wild to see.


y'all I'm done #icestorm #dallas #snowstorm #dallasnews

User (@kianarosek) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | y'all I'm done #icestorm #dallas #snowstorm #dallasnews


Hopefully Kiana will be able to get back into her car soon once this winter storm passes.