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Can I get in on this?

Some moms on TikTok are getting real about what happened to their bodies after pregnancy. If you’ve been through it, you know that making, growing and feeding another human has an impact on your body, but some younger women seem shocked and a little scared by the “lingering issues” women are revealing in their videos.

Mama Madison Brinkdopke started the trend and she kicks things off in a video she captions, “Let’s open up this TMI conversation.” And in her video, she reveals the biggest physical change she still deals with – hemorrhoids. She explains that she didn’t know that once you get them, you pretty much always have them and she admits it makes her a little nervous about getting pregnant again.

Other mothers are chiming in with their own post-pregnancy body issues, like one mom who shares that because of breastfeeding, her boobs stretched out and got smaller. And some other moms, including @kirstylondon, reveal that since their C-section they don’t feel the sensation that they need to go to the bathroom, even when they actually do. Many moms can relate to each other’s woes, but some young women are a little shaken by all the changes. “Wait do they ever go back,” one asks about the boob thing and another jokes, “Thank you for my daily dose of birth control.”

Let's open up this TMI conversation, mamas. #momsoftiktok

✨Madison✨ (@cartersmomma) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | Let's open up this TMI conversation, mamas. #momsoftiktok | So I'm curious to know, what's your worst lingering issue from pregnancy and delivery? I'll go first. | Hemorrhoids. Absolutely hemorrhoids. | This is coffee by the way, it'll probably irritate my hemorrhoids.