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Even the best laid plans can go out the window when you’re in labor because when that baby decides it’s time, there’s no going back. And when one pregnant woman went into labor a few days before her due date, she tried repeatedly to let her husband know, but she couldn’t get in touch with him.

It seems he didn’t check his messages, texts or call log to see her attempts to reach him and he wound up missing the birth of their daughter. But here’s the thing – he now blames her and says she “should have tried harder” to reach him.

  • In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section, the new mom explains that her husband is a very private person who likes to keep his work and home life separate, so it’s normal for her to not hear back from him during his workday.
  • She writes that he says she should have come by his office to tell him it was time to go to the hospital, adding that he’s always so distant about work, she doesn’t even know where his office is in the building.
  • Let’s not forget she was in active labor, so it would have been pretty uncomfortable for her to be strolling the halls looking for him.
  • Now her husband says what she did was “unforgivable” and says she’s “a horrible person for denying him the joy” of seeing their child born.

She asks Redditors if she was wrong for not trying harder to reach him and pretty much everyone is on her side here. Most of the comments were along the lines of “Who doesn’t keep their phone on them when their wife is that close to her due date?” Several others point out that if he wasn’t going to watch for her call, he should’ve had a backup plan in place and lots of users say he’s just being selfish!

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