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We are in the thick of winter, and while NC is definitely having a better winter than other parts of the US (looking at you Texas), it is still cold.

I used to really like the cold, but now I can’t stand it. If you’re like me, and you also hate the cold, here are some items that you need to get you through Winter!

A Coffee Warmer

  • Keep your coffee warmer longer with coffee warming pads!

Heated Winter Clothes

  • I must have been living under a rock but did you know you can buy battery-powered, heated jackets, pants, socks, and gloves?

Portable Hand Warmer

  • You’ve seen the ones that you can shake and use, but there are also reusable hand warmers.

A Windshield Snow/Ice Cover

  • Hate scraping your windshield? Me too… Use a towel or buy a windshield cover to make your mornings much easier in the winter.

A Towel Warmer

  • If you hate being cold when you get out of the shower, get yourself a towel warmer.

Windshield Defogger Sponge

  • This is something I just saw recently, but instead of waiting for your car to defrost, you can use a sponge to de-fog your window.

Heated Blanket

  • The old tried and truly heated blanket will warm you up immediately.

Ear Muff Headphones

  • Keep your ears warm, and listen to your favorite music with earmuff headphones.

Flannel Sheets

  • If you get cold in your sleep, flannel sheets will definitely help you stay warm in the winter months.

Bernie Mittens

  • Love memes? Get yourself some Bernie Sanders mittens that were made popular at this year’s inauguration, and people will surely know you have a good sense of humor.