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Just like kids may take on the personalities of their parents, a new survey suggests pet owners believe the same applies to their furbabies.

A new survey finds:

  • 80% of people believe their pet has a “very distinct” personality, while 55% insist they have the same personality as their pets.
  • The most common personality trait pet owners say their dog exhibits is being smart (62%), followed by:
    • Curious (42%)
    • Funny (38%)
    • Anxious (30%)
    • Easily-frightened (26%)
    • Fussy (24%)
    • Goofy (23%)
    • Annoying (20%)
    • Weird (20%)
    • Self-centered (15%)

But the personality a dog is showing an owner may not be the whole story.

  • In fact, 57% of pet owners say their pet behaves differently if they think they aren’t being watched.
  • Owners, though, think they are pretty intuitive when it comes to their pets, with 76% insisting they can always tell what their pet is thinking just by the look on its face.