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Lalo Yasky/WireImage via Getty Images

A pair of childhood friends who hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in six decades are now newlyweds who are madly in love. Don and Peggy Wilson first met 75 years ago as first-graders and hadn’t talked to each other since graduating from high school in 1958. They grew up and married other people, Don lost his wife of 53 years in 2019 and when he heard that Peggy’s husband of 43 years passed away last year, he reached out to his old pal in a condolence call.

It had been 62 years since they had talked, but they hit it off in the call and he asked if he could call again the next week. Peggy agreed, as long as they were “just friends.” The 80-year-old says she told Don, “I am never getting married, I’m not living with anyone and I’m not having sex.” They continued to talk every day and she even encouraged him to try Zoom to improve his dating prospects with other women. But when they started Zooming, Peggy found herself falling for Don.

She says after seeing his face and “sweet smile,” she “just melted.” They continued to Zoom for hours a day and eventually, she went to meet Don in person to “see if this is really real.” And when he showed up with red roses and hugged and kissed her, it was all over. “I knew at that kiss,” Peggy says. “I’ve never felt so loved by anybody. Ever.” Twenty days later, the couple got married. The newlyweds just got their COVID vaccines and say they feel “like teenagers” again.