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It’s a happy ending for a Texas family whose dog disappeared days before Hurricane Harvey hit back in 2017. The family was moving from one home to another in Houston and their pet, Maddie, went missing in the process.

According to The Forgotten Pet Advocates, a nonprofit pet rescue, the family searched and searched for Maddie, but never found her. She was microchipped, but the family didn’t update their contact information after their move. Last week, a volunteer with the pet rescue group found Maddie wandering alone on the streets and brought her in, but because her microchip info was out-of-date, they couldn’t track down her family.

Luckily, another group, Lost Dogs of Texas, has a program to help find pet owners through “difficult or dead-end microchips.” And within 24 hours, they found Maddie’s family and she was reunited with them. They’re thrilled to have their 16-year-old dog back and plan to spoil her for the rest of her days.

Source: Fox News