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How Entertaining Zoom Is - Zoom has been a large part of our work and personal lives. And with every lousy connection, frozen screen, and accidental mute, it's been quite entertaining.

Dating certainly isn’t what it used to be thanks to COVID, but folks in quarantine didn’t completely give up on finding love. Singles have been forced to adapt in their search for “The One” and that has led to a whole host of new dating slang, which Babbel is here to translate.

The language site has just released a list of new pandemic-inspired dating lingo, so if you’re single and not up on the latest trends you may want to listen up.

Some new dating slang includes:

  • “Zumping” – Being dumped via Zoom.
  • “Zombie-ing” – A form of ghosting.
  • “Corona-zoned” – The act of keeping a relationship socially distanced, and not physical, due to worries over catching the virus.
  • “Lockblocked” – Canceling or rescheduling dates due to lockdown rules and restrictions.
  • “On-nomi” – A form of online socializing where couples drink together online.
  • “FODA” – Which stands for “fear of dating again,” a form of anxiety for people who have been out of the dating game due to lockdowns.
  • “Quarantine Bae” – A couple who is dating exclusively during the pandemic.
  • “Quarantionship” – A relationship that started during lockdown and developed virtually.
  • “Smugsolation” – A couple showing off their happy relationship on social media at a time when it’s difficult for so many to find love.


SOURCE: Fox News