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One of my favorite activities, pre- COVID, use to be going to the movies! I am an action, drama and comedy buff. What? You pegged me as a romcom girl?

Being a member of the media, we sometimes get asked to screen movies ahead of time and give our opinion of what we thought. When we went into lock down and theaters closed, I thought movie screening would be a thing of the past, but the film industry figured it out.

I recently got to screen The Mauritanian from the comfort of my home, and although it took me a lot longer to get though it with kids screaming and running around, but I enjoyed this one.

This film is based on a true story and although you go into the movie hating the Mauritanian who is being held because of his involvement with 9-11, the director some how humanizes him. Now, I will say this movie is graphic and hard to watch at moments (mainly when they are torturing him for information) but it is a good character rollercoaster.