Austin Chenge,  a businessman who is the Republican Gov Candidate for Michigan, has tweeted a bold statement about what he will do if he gets into office.

He wrote, “I will cancel #BlackHistoryMonth in #Michigan. It’s offensive, unfair, maybe illegal… Americans from all backgrounds deserve a revered history. I’ll declare American History Month. Austin Chenge, #Veteran & First #Republican Gov #Candidate for MI.” 

Strangely enough, Austin Chenge is black.

This isn’t the first time that Chenge has tweeted out something that was…unconventional. After the Capitol riots, he wrote, “Yesterday, I saw Americans doing everything necessary to ensure their God-given freedoms, their rights and their #American way of life, some were overwhelmed by more passion than others, but all for the love of their country.”

According to The Source, in the past, Chenge has also called the state’s Democratic governor “a dictator” and has taken a lot of heat for his “deeply conservative” views.

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