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Take-out Liquor - Sitting at home day after day in 2020 sucked, but at least some of our favorite bars began providing to-go alcohol sales. It was definitely a silver lining in 2020.

There’s no doubt having a cocktail or glass of wine can make the dating experience a little easier, but did you realize potential mates could be judging you based on your choice of beverage?

A new survey finds:

  • 79% of people say a person’s choice of alcoholic beverage is important on a first date.
  • And it turns out some folks consider certain drinks more romantic than others.
  • 41% of people say red wine is the most romantic drink, followed by:
    • Champagne (38%)
    • White wine (37%)
    • Rose (29%)
    • Wine cocktails (26%)
    • Martinis (19%)
    • Beer (19%)
    • None of the above (16%)
    • Vodka soda (14%)
    • Gin and Tonic (14%)

Source: SWNS digital