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Photo by Keema Mingo

Film Director Keema Mingo challenged herself in 2016 to create an effective story with two actors and one location, in stark contrast to her larger productions as casting director and producer. She wrote, “First,” a romantic comedy (romcom for short) about the awkward moments a couple endures right before their first intimate encounter with one another.  Cut to 2019, when the pandemic hit. That is when she decided to shoot “First” because it was a ready-made, COVID-safe film. “The concept made it the perfect, COVID-friendly, short film project,” said Mingo, who put precautions in place and strict guidelines for her all-Black cast and diverse, majority female crew.

”First” is a movie whose time has come. This light-hearted comedy is something needed now more than ever,” states Mingo. “It is a “trauma-free” Black love story – no drugs, crime or slavery themes.”  On Valentine’s weekend “First” will be streamed in two, private online screenings.  More than ever before the Charlotte community and other parts of the world are finally embracing local talent, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This community exclusive “night-in” film event does require a tiny fee, to help local actors and producers. Now, its official, you’ve just been invited to visit  and grab your ticket.

Online Watch Party: "First" (Rom-Com)

In sex and romance, there's a first time for everything. This Valentine's Weekend, laugh and enjoy this super cute rom-com with a Q&A after


For more information on Ms. Mingo and her projects, find her on Facebook and Instagram: @KeemaMingo.

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