There are many innovative and unique products people can use for their hair, but one TikToker learned that Gorilla Glue isn’t one of them.

Tessica Brown posted a video showing what happened after she accidentally put Gorilla Glue in her hair to slick it back after running out of hairspray. In the clip, she said, “For those of you that know me know that my hair has been like this for about a month now. It’s not by choice. No, it’s not by choice.”

She added, “When I do my hair, I like to finish it off with a little göt2b Glued Spray, you know, just to keep it in place. Well, I didn’t have any more göt2b Glued Spray, so I used this: Gorilla Glue spray. Bad, bad, bad idea. My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It. Don’t. Move.”

She goes on to explain that she’s washed her hair multiple times, and it’s still not working.

Tessica later posted another video showing her attempting to shampoo the glue out. She captioned it, “It don’t move I hate it here.”

Even though the videos aren’t supposed to be funny, they are unintentionally  hilarious. And even funnier are some of the comments and reaction videos to it.

Since the video has gone viral, Gorilla Glue has responded.

They wrote to the TikToker, “Hi there, we are sorry to learn about your experience! We do not recommend using our products in hair as they are considered permanent. You can try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol to the area.”

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