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It’s a fact of life that you sometimes have to do things you really don’t want to. But did you know that you rack up a lot of those hours spent disliking things from right inside your living room? According to a new survey, we spend a lot of our life sitting next to our boo watching TV and wishing something else was on.

The study found the average person spends four hours a week watching a show that only their partner enjoys. This means that each year we waste 408 hours of our life watching something we don’t like, strictly out of love for our significant other. And we also think we’re lowkey heroes for it. Just about two in three say suffering through a bad show or movie is a sign of true love.

But don’t pack yourself on the back too hard. The survey found an even better explanation as to why we watch shows we’re not interested in that isn’t love. A total of 67% would rather just watch something than get into an argument over it. Because even the worst reality TV show is better than having a reality TV show-like argument on your couch.