Forget getting your boo chocolate, you can order rose gold-dusted chicken sandwiches for Valentine’s Day.

If you’ve been trying to think of a way to step up your Valentine’s game, American Express could help. In honor of the credit card company’s reintroduction of its metal rose gold card, Gold Card members can take advantage of some special deals: like a chicken sandwich.

Fried chicken restaurant, Fuku, is offering a limited-edition rose gold-dusted chicken sandwich exclusively through UberEats. Valentine’s-themed messages like “I’m Yours” and “Be Mine” is stamped onto the sandwich. Only available on Uber Eats from February 13-14th you can show your boo in chicken and gold how much you really love them.

The meal also includes a bubbly beverage by United Sodas of America, a cozy lavender vanilla candle from C&E Craft Co, and a sweet rose gold-colored sugar cookie from Tiny Kitchen Treats. Sadly for us in the Carolinas, we cant snag it anytime soon. Why? Well, this deal is only available in Los Angeles and New York City. You can see more on the sandwich here.

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