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When you plan ahead, and take care of most of the decision-making tasks the night before, you will have more free mornings, letting you get into the meaningful work quicker.

Forget counting sheep at night, America seems to have a sleep problem. I’m a clear example. Every night I probably average 4-5 hours of sleep. I want to sleep, it just evades me.

Insomniacs like me are turning to Google for help getting those zzz’s. The tech giant says searches about sleep are at an all-time high. In the last week alone, the top questions were “How do you fall asleep fast?” and “Why can’t I fall asleep?”

Searches for sleep and dreams have been steadily rising since 2004, but a spike happened during the lockdown.

For some who do get shut-eye, the problem is strange dreams. They’ve searched things like “What does it mean when I dream about snakes?” or “about my teeth falling out?”

If you’re struggling to get eight hours, doctors recommend winding down as soon as the sun starts to set. Also, keep the bedroom cool, pitch-black, and avoid working in bed.

Source: ABC Chicago