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Deciding it’s the right time to move in with your boo is certainly a big deal, and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. But even if you think you’re ready to take that step, you may not be prepared for what the experience will be like, and now some folks are here to help. A TikTok user recently asked people what she needs to know before moving in with her boyfriend, and people were more than happy to offer up advice, and some of the comments are very wise.

Advice includes:

  • “Have a conversation about cleaning and chores — who’s going to do what and when. You have to have this conversation. Don’t think that you don’t.”
  • “You really don’t know who they are until you start living with them. It’s not even necessarily a bad thing, it’s just you’ll find little things that either bug you a lot or you love!”
  • “You will run out of things to talk about and that’s okay. You’re going to be bored sometimes and that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other.”
  • “Make sure you’re doing it because it’s a choice and not something you feel like you have to do for some reason because if it’s not a choice, it will not last.”
  • “I didn’t realize how much alone time I needed. Something that I wish that I was able to do was have an apartment that offered enough room that I could have alone time.”
  • “Don’t do everything together. I thought we would need to but you’re two separate people!”
  • “Work out your holiday plans because there are two of you now. Two Christmases. Two sets of plans. Work out between two families a schedule of what you’re going to be doing because that will save you a lot of time and a lot of stress.”
  • “If you do everything for them like laundry and dishes, they will get used to it and expect you to always clean up after them.”
  • “They don’t put the toilet seat down so be careful or you’ll fall in the toilet.”
  • “You don’t have to always entertain each other. It’s not a movie montage, it’s life. It’s ok to simply coexist most of the time.”


You can read the full article here!

SOURCE: Buzzfeed