As we reported, rapper Silento was arrested for murdering his cousin.

Now his publicist has released a statement about him. And in it are some shocking revelations about Silento’s state of mind leading up to the murder.

According to XXL, the publicist stated, “I have been in contact with the family and their thing right now is just, they’re asking the world to uplift their family in prayer. I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from that statement, it’s almost implying like I’m telling people he did it. When you know a client suffers severely from mental health [issues], when you’ve been around the client, when you have… Last year, Silento tried to commit suicide during the pandemic. No one cared about that story.”

The rep added, “They cared about the story when he ran into the house, but they didn’t know that he was having a bipolar episode. They didn’t know that he was mentally going through a severe mental attack. When I said that, it wasn’t to make reference to the case. I don’t wanna talk [about] the case, the case is heavy enough dealing with his family. On one side, you have the family dealing with a death and the other side, they’re dealing with an accused murderer. So it’s not win-win for anyone. I made that statement specifically to humanize him.”

“At one point, he was on top of the charts and no one knows that the music industry screwed him over. No one knows his story. I just, essentially, would like people to just speak from a place of compassion and empathy.”

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