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Valentine’s Day has always been an interesting day when it comes to gift giving.  For me, this goes all the way back to Elementary school when the teachers would send us home every year with a classroom list asking parents to make sure we come to school on Valentine’s Day with enough cards and candy for the entire class.  I always remember thinking, “I don’t like seven of these kids so why do I have to give them one of my cool Michael Jordan Valentine’s cards?”.  Everyone got something.  It became expected and cliché.  We’ve all bought the red roses, cheesy cards, heart-shaped candy and in some cases, fuzzy handcuffs.  It seems now, however, those days are gone.

According to a study commissioned by Angara.com and conducted by OnePoll,  these cliché gifts are now considered a disappointment.  The new trend is actually buying your partner something that goes along with what they like.  With that said, I know plenty of couples that love cheesing up Valentine’s Day.  But if you’re looking to make an impression and you do in fact buy candy or chocolate then find some REALLY GOOD candy or chocolate.  If they really do love flowers then include a personal message that they’ll want to keep forever.  The point is to be as creative as you can when showing someone how you feel about them.  Don’t be cliché.  Below is a list of some things you shouldn’t buy for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Furry handcuffs(You might come off a little TOO THIRSTY).
  2. Flowers
  3. A heart-shaped box of chocolates.
  4. A funny card.
  5. Lingerie.

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Creativity is key when expressing how you feel about someone.  Cheers, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!