One of the thieves who robbed Kim Kardashian in Paris in 2016 is releasing a salacious tell-all book. Per Page Six, Yunice Abbas is giving all the details about the night of the robbery.

One thing Yunice wrote about is how he got Kim’s phone after the robbery and was surprised when Tracy Chapman called it. He said, “At the moment that I heard a police car, the sound of the phone made me jump. To my incredulous eyes, [Chapman’s] name appeared on the phone’s screen. It’s not possible. I must be hallucinating.”

He also mocks Kim and her secretary for trying to dial 911 during the ordeal. He said, “Our two beauties stubbornly tried to call 911 … the emergency call number for the US. Not very efficient when you are in Paris.” For the record, emergency numbers in France are 15 for an ambulance and 17 for the police.

The robber also gives details about how they scouted the hotel before the robbery and how they were able to easily get away afterward. Abbas is still awaiting trial.

The tell-all book, titled I Sequestered Kim Kardashian, comes out on February 4.

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