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Heiress Patricia Cottingham, daughter of racehorse owner Vera Lilley and Patrick Oswald face the cameras after their wedding ceremony at St Margaret's, Westminster. (Photo by Douglas Miller/Getty Images)

When Kanye West told us to holla “we want prenup,” our generation listened. When it comes to getting married, Millennials aren’t messing around with our money. The stigma of prenuptial agreements seems to be going away and many of our newlyweds are making sure that if things don’t work out that the divorce won’t be killing our bank accounts.

According to family law attorney Steven Resnick, our generation is more likely to “want to live like financial roommates” rather than co-mingle our money. So we’re treating our finances separate and businesslike. If the marriage ends, both parties can walk away no strings attached and no payments necessary. Sounds stress-free doesn’t? That’s the goal.

This trend is making its way through Charlotte. Coggin Law has an affordable marriage consultation to help future Charlotte newlyweds organize their finances prior to saying I Do.

What’s driving this trend? Part of it is debt. One side of the newlywed couple tends to have a lot more than the other and they don’t want to be stuck with paying off their boo’s student loans and credit cards if things go south.

Another factor in the Millennial prenup trend is what’s included in the paperwork. Our divorce agreements include things our parents never even dreamed of when they got married like who gets frozen embryos and visitation rights for pets.

Source: The Street