CRAZY STORY: A Chicago USPS carrier knew something wasn’t right when an elderly woman on her mail route had not picked up her mail in three days.

Shonda Lemon, who had worked for USPS for 8 years, decided to call the police and have them do a welfare check. The police found the 89-year-old woman, Helen Iwanski, alive but lying on the floor. She had fallen and been on the ground for several days. She was taken to the hospital, and then a rehab facility where she is now recovering.

Shonda had a special relationship with Helen. She used to wrap all of her mail in a rubber band so it would be easier for Helen to handle it. In return, Helen used to attach candy to her outgoing mail for Shonda. What a sweet relationship! I’m so glad Shonda was able to help her just in time!

Do you know your mail carrier? Do you do something nice for your mail carrier like attach candy to your outgoing mail?

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