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The Coronavirus pandemic has now been around for nearly a year, and when one of the biggest nights of the year in sports coming up, it has people asking, “what will we do?”

In a typical year, there would be many of options; watching the game out at a bar, going to a party, hosting a watch party, but obviously, this year there are some more concerns. As it turns out, there is still a large amount of Americans that are planning to party for the big game.

A new poll done by Seton Hall Sports indicated that a fourth of Americans still intend to gather together with friends on Feb 7th. 64 percent of adults said they would not attend a party, and 11 percent were uncertain. The poll also stated that among those who said they would be going to a gathering, most were avid sports fans.

As for attendance at the actual game, they are allowing around 22,000 fans to attend, with 14,500 ticket buyers and about 7,500 vaccinated health-care workers who will be seated the 65,000-seat stadium.

What are your plans? Will you be going to a super bowl party this year?


New Poll Shows A Lot of People Plan on Attending Super Bowl Parties Despite Pandemic